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Funding the Legal Battle

No-one could alleviate the stress and time I had to sink into this lengthy court battle, but it was possible to help with the financial burden. However as the case in the Estonian courts is now over, I am no longer accepting donations.

Here is an overview of expenses and donations for the entire legal battle.



2014-04-30Lawyer feesLower court2,145.60 EUR
2014-06-17Lawyer feesLower court1,019.10 EUR
2014-10-16Lawyer feesLower court1,272.30 EUR
2015-01-19Lawyer feesAppeal court1,881.30 EUR
2015-05-28Lawyer feesAppeal court1,226.30 EUR
2015-10-09Lawyer feesSupreme court1,360.70 EUR
2016-03-14Lawyer feesSupreme courtfees waived by lawyer
Total8,905.30 EUR


Donations received:

1.41266242BTC(converted to 2,237.35 EUR on 2017-05-09)

Total Donations = 2,717.35 EUR

Closing Remarks

As I lost the court case there is unfortunately nothing to refund.

Thank You Everybody For Your Support!

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